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You can use your specific town, state, or country as the marking point.  Simply use this link, select edit (below the map search bar), then click on the "Add Marker" symbol to drop a pin anywhere on the map.  Feel free to leave your blog's web address in the pin for others to visit!  Please note that you do need a Google account to participate.

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  1. Wondered if you have suggestions for doing Athens on a budget. We will be stopping there on a cruise later this month and the land trips are pretty pricey through the cruise line.

    1. My apologies! I never received a notification for your comment, and it slipped through the cracks. Are the organized trips from the cruise pricey? Because we found Athens to be quite affordable, particularly because of how depressed their economy is at the moment. It's roughly a mile walk from the Piraeus cruise port to the metro. I would suggest walking to the metro and making your own way into the city as that's the most affordable and reliable means of transportation. We found the metro to be quite clean and easy to use! Once you're on the P1 (dark blue) metro line, you can get off at the Athens stop, switching to the M2 (red) going south/east towards Elliniko. Get off at the Akropolis stop and you're in the heart of the action in terms of the ruins and history!

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