November 21, 2014

Thoughts from London

These were my Facebook updates on my 48-hour whirlwind trip to London this past February.  It brings back all the warm and fuzzy feels!


Anybody home?!
Thoughts on Day 1:
-Five hour energy shots are worth their weight in gold.
-The Tube is AMAZING.
-Apparently 52' with a real feel of 45' makes Londoners break out their shorts, skirts, and fishnets. (Winter heat wave?)
-I've helped more tourists today than I ever have in the states.
-My life is complete now that I've seen the Rosetta Stone & the Sutton Hoo exhibit. Weepy glees.
-Buying the last minute ticket here was the best decision ever.

"Just you wait, 'Enry 'iggins, just you wait!
You'll be sorry but your tears will be too late!"
Thoughts on Day 2:
-My boots walked all over the graves of kings. I felt very irreverent.
- I practically wept at Chaucer's grave.
-Apparently part of a bobby's job description requires the possession of an amazing sense of humor.
-London needs to hire more pigeons at St Paul's so I can connect with my inner Mary Poppins.
-There is a 27A Wimpole Street!!! (My Fair Lady, anyone?)
-Enjoying sausages and mash at Garfunkles with Aunt Marcy and Uncle Doug couldn't have been better!
-The Tower is especially creepy at night.

Thoughts on Day 3:
-"Are Beefeaters vegetarians?"
-"Ladies, I once guarded David Beckham, and he asked for MY autograph!"
-The carvings in Beauchamp Tower are sobering, especially from those who were later executed.
-The ravens at the Tower do not quoth nevermore. It's more like "nevahmoh."
-I almost thought I saw Dick van Dyke dancing on the rooftops last night.
-When can I come back?!

What were some of your initial thoughts & impressions of London on your first visit? 

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  1. I love your thouthgts about London :) I have some similar ones. I love the typical English breakfast!! It's so rich and the right start into the day :D

  2. You just made me excited to go to London next year! I have never been before - can't wait!

  3. About London bobbies needing a sense of humor: A friend used to be a cop in London, and tourists were always asking directions. Unfortunately, he has a terrible sense of direction, so he'd point them in the right direction (or so we can hope), give them simple directions for the first few turns, then let the directions become so complicated that they'd never remember them, let alone follow them. He told himself he'd gotten them a couple of blocks closer and then they'd find someone else and ask again.

    A sense of humor indeed.


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