December 06, 2014

Strasbourg, Up Close & Personal

For more on Strasbourg, see here!

Half-timbered houses

Gothic carvings

The saints on the Notre Dame of Strasbourg

Rose Window of the Cathedral

Fascinating "bone" structure in the Cathedral

Not so "up close" but my favorite shot of the half-timbered houses!

What's your favorite part about Strasbourg?


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  1. Beautiful pictures of Strasbourg. I would love to spend Christmas there sometimes. European countries remain my biggest attraction still. Maybe being born there is one of the reasons, but it's not the only one. Europe is so loaded with great historical sites and charming little towns that never cease to capture your heart.

  2. Prior to 2008 I had never heard of Strasbourg. I was in Paris doing a little traveling alone when a couple of my new travel friends I met in my hostel told me about their next destination. I looks like a beautifully quaint town. I would love to visit.


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