March 15, 2016

Small Talk, Big Adventure: Appomattox, VA

Last month we took Baby Gypsy, then two months old, on an outing to Appomattox National Battlefield in central Virginia, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of the Northern Virginia to General Ulysses S. Grant's Army of the Potomac, effectively ending the American Civil War. Rather than boring you with an adult's account of the visit, I'll let Baby Gypsy tell you about our day - from her own unique perspective.

The "clean" house

I could tell today was going to be different. Mama kept telling me that we were going somewhere, and Daddy was busy checking my swag bag for the fifteenth time. I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about. Mama kept talking about adventures and "baby's first outing." I had no idea what that meant, but she sounded excited, so I grinned up at her as I shoved my fist in my mouth.

I was put into the box with the handle, and then Daddy took me outside. The yellow ball above my head was very bright, and the blue ceiling didn't have any white fluff this time. What a beautiful day! 

Mama and Daddy kept talking on and on about "Ah-poo-mattox" and "useless grant." It made no sense to me, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep...

"Where am I?! I'm so hungry! Someone FEED ME!!!" I shouted as I woke suddenly from a deep sleep. I had no time to ask nicely - my tummy felt so empty! Mama and Daddy must have expected this as within minutes I had my lunch while they ate theirs. I think they can read my mind.
Daddy pushing my chariot through Ah-poo-mattox.

As soon as I finished, Daddy got my chariot ready and off we went! We walked up a small hill to where a large brick building was surrounded by a few other buildings. They looked older than my Daddy, and he's really old! Mama told Daddy that this was the courthouse, whatever that means. Inside this so-called courthouse a man in a green uniform handed Daddy a map and explained that the "clean" house across the way is where the surrender happened. Mama is always cleaning, so I figured she'd like that house. 

We followed a green uniformed lady outside and towards the clean house. The lady kept talking on and on about "generally" being chased by blue men until he got trapped there at Ah-poo-mattox. The blue men took generally's trains away, and he had to send a message to useless grant to meet at the clean house. I still didn't really understand, but I waved my hand at the green uniformed lady as if I did. 

The scene of my crime, aka where useless grant won.

Inside the clean house, Daddy held me in the same room where generally surrendered. The green uniformed lady was still talking, but I couldn't pay attention - my tummy really hurt! I scrunched up my face, and I tried to be ladylike but.... I just couldn't hold it in anymore. My diaper ranneth over. I sneaked a peek at the green uniformed lady, but she was still talking. Phew. I was quite embarrassed, but Mama looked like she was laughing. She said something about blackmail for my wedding. Whatever that means.

Anyway, we walked around a little bit longer outside before they took my chariot back to the bigger chariot so we could go home. I think I liked this little adventure thing, and I hope we can do more!


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  1. what a cute way to record her first outing, sounds like it was a good one! :)

  2. Beautiful day so early in the spring! Sounds like she's going to have your sense of humor... ;)

  3. I am so so so happy for you. Congratulations, new mother :) and we would love to host you in Germany sometime!!!


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