April 26, 2016


London. Rome. Dinkelsbühl. Wait, what?

Even those who don't travel are familiar with the big names, the "must sees" if you will, of Europe. London's Big Ben, Rome's Colosseum, and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, just to name a few. But there's more to Europe than the tourist hot spots, and if you're looking for a break from the hordes, a hidden treasure like Germany's Dinkelsbühl may just tickle your travel fancy.

--> Where in the world is Dinkelsbühl?
Short answer: Bavaria. Long answer: in the middle of the most beautiful, bucolic, and bewitching part of Germany you can imagine, but I may be a tad bit biased. Roughly a thousand years old and still retaining its medieval walls, Dinkelsbühl (more or less pronounced as "Dink el shpool") is the sister city to the more well known and tourist-heavy Rothenburg o.d. Tauber. It also happens to be the town where my husband spent summers growing up while visiting his Oma and Opa. They'd do cool things like biking around the countryside, stopping at random little churches and eating picnic lunches with quintessentially German towns as a backdrop. Cue total jealousy.

--> What the heck is a Dinkelsbühl?
"Dinkel" is spelt or hulled wheat, which has been in existence since 5,000 B.C., and has been a vital part of the region's economy over the centuries - hence the name and the coat of arms featuring three wheat sheaves. As for what "sbühl" means, well, your guess is as good as mine.

--> Why should I visit Dinkelsbühl?
Excellent question! For one, it just oozes Teutonic charm. Having emerged unscathed through both world wars, the altstadt or old town portion essentially looks the same as it has since between the 15th and 17th centuries. There are half-timbered houses, the St. George's Minster (circa late 1400s), cobblestone streets, and of course the medieval city walls with an assortment of different shaped towers (the onion-shaped Segringer tower is one of my faves). And if you come during the third week of July, you can witness the raucous festivities of the Kinderzeche festival, in which the entire town celebrates its survival of the Thirty Years' War by reenacting the events and then breaking out into one huge party (complete with a genuine Bavarian beer tent!). It's an awesome experience even if you don't understand a lick of German!

So the next time you're contemplating a trip with a little less tourists and a little more legit home town feel, try on Dinkelsbühl for size. I'd wager you won't be disappointed.

Ever visited or passed through Dinkelsbühl? (I'd be crazy surprised if you have!) What are some of your favorite hidden treasure locations?

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  1. I love Germany and have friends that live in the south; I'll have to ask them if they have ever been to this town. It definitely sounds so very German: especially when you said they break out into a huge party after the reenactments. I feel like the Germans just use any excuse to have a party! :)

    Thanks for breaking down the town name and sharing a bit of the history. With so much history in Europe, it can be hard to remember things. I feel like the Germans are always pretty straightforward with their name strategies, so it makes total sense that they would name the town after the wheat that has been so vital to it's economy.

  2. Dinkelsbühl looks adorable! I LOVE places that aren't as popular but ooze charm and unique features! much more my style than the typical overly crowed spots :)

  3. Ooh those pictures are so fairytale Germany! Beautiful. And even better that it's far away from the tourist crowds. Dinkelsbühl is officially going on my list, and at festival time too because those parades look awesome.

  4. What a cute town! Those colors are killer. See, that is why I would like to live in Europe. It gives you the opportunity to discovered those lesser known but totally charming places.

  5. I have never heard of this absolutely charming town! Also, your husband's childhood summers in Germany sound like a total dream.

  6. The place looks magnificent and peaceful. I hope I can go there too, for now, I'll add it into my bucket list of must travel places.


  7. Oooh what a cute little place! Rothenburg od Tauber was already on my list so it's great to have another reason to visit the area :)

  8. So I've never been to this little city, can't say I've ever even heard of it. But I'm OBSESSED with Germany, and this looks about as German and a city could get! So so cute! When I get back to the area I'll definitely think of giving this little place a visit! Thanks for sharing :D


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