February 17, 2017

How to Scratch the Travel Itch (When Stuck at Home)

You know that feeling when you're driving home on a Friday night after work wishing you were driving to the airport for a weekend getaway? That itchy, have-to-travel compulsion that almost inevitably occurs when your next planned trip is months away? Or worse, not even in the works?

Yeah, that feeling can sting a little sometimes.

So what's a girl to do when the travel bug starts itching? I have a few go-to methods that help me travel vicariously when my butt is stuck in central Virginia.

⇒ Watch a travel show or movie.
This can be anything from joining Rick Steves in Europe, hopping behind Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck on their Roman Holiday scooter, or questing with Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings (Can I get a #MiddleEarthIsAREALPlace trend going, please?). Movies have the ability to transport you away from reality for a while; why not immerse yourself in another culture to quench your travel thirst?

Recommendations: The Amazing Race (tv show), The Sound of Music, The DaVinci Code, Mary Poppins, almost any James Bond movie.

Roman Holiday, anyone?

⇒ Stalk your fellow travel bloggers and 'grammers.
Chances are, one or two of your favorite travel bloggers are currently tripping around the world or are still writing about their recent adventures. Go drool over their photos, laugh at their snafus, and let their travels distract you from your wanderlusting itch. Don't have time to read? Fill your feed with some kick-ass Instagrammers!

Recommendations: [BlogsWhat Up, Swags?! | A Nesting Nomad | Megan C Starr | Snow In Tromso | Em Busy Living | The Travels of BBQ Boy and Spanky  [Instagram] What Up, Swags?! | InSearchOfPrettyPlaces | The Wandering Wife | A Nesting Nomad | Megan C Starr

You could always just follow me!

⇒ Go explore your back yard.
Have you ever thought about the fact that all those exotic places on your bucket list are someone else's "back yard" and that your own back yard might be on someone else's bucket list?! When traveling far isn't an option, don't overlook the cool places close to home! Make yourself an expert on your city, region, or state.

Recommendations: Check out your locality's tourism board for suggestions or use Trip Advisor's "top things to do" for your area.

The OBX isn't quite my backyard, but it's pretty close!

What are your go-to travel itch distractions when you're stuck at home?

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