March 14, 2014

Destination: Atlantic City, NJ

Revel - Atlantic City, NJ (April 2013)
©Thrifty Gypsy

Revel - Atlantic City, NJ (April 2013)
©Thrifty Gypsy

Caesar's- Atlantic City, NJ (April 2013)
©Thrifty Gypsy
      2 Nights
      3 Days
+   4 Cars         
      9 Girls     =     A Weekend to Remember                    


-Drove from Richmond, VA, to Revel Resort in Atlantic City, NJ (stopping to pick up a friend in D.C. along the way!).  
-Late dinner and drinks at The Village Whiskey.

-Enjoyed an overpriced (what place in AC isn't overpriced?!) breakfast at The Alcove.  Lounged at the heated indoor/outdoor pool then explored the boardwalk (palm readers, anyone?) and played the penny slots at various casinos on the boardwalk.
-Dinner at Casa di Napoli at The Showboat.  (Excellent!)
-Dancing, drinks, and VIP service at Ivan Kane's.

-Go home.  (Sad face)


Base Costs
$1176 for two nights at Revel
$70.50 (approx.) for gasoline per vehicle
$30 tolls
$10 parking for the whole weekend
Total: $182/person (based on 8 paying attendees and 2 people per vehicle)

Additional costs:
Food: $50
Drinks: varied ("free" if playing the slots)
Cover charge: $20
Other: $50

Basically, I paid $300 to cover transportation, lodging, meals, entertainment, souvenirs, and unforgettable memories with eight classy ladies for my best friend's bachelorette weekend.  In my opinion, it was money well spent, although admittedly not the "thriftiest" trip this gypsy has ever planned!

But even us penny-pinchers need to live the high life every now and then!

~ Just a Thrifty Gypsy

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