March 17, 2014

Travel Fever & St. Patrick's Day

March comes in like a lion here in Virginia; one day you'll be sunning yourself on the back deck, and the next you're bundled up like an Eskimo with snow and sleet stinging your face. 
(c) Jossie Blount
It's a lessen in patience as you're waiting for the world to melt and wake up from its winter beauty rest!  This year has been no different, and thanks to temperatures reaching a high of 73° on Saturday, many of us have been struck down with that annual affliction known as spring fever.  But a less commonly known ailment, but no less capable of making you itch to flee your desk for the appeal of the outdoors, is travel fever

Today was St. Patrick's Day, and social media has exploded with pictures from "the old country," leprechauns, and bonnie lasses and lads.  Ireland is on my top five list of countries that I want to see in the next five years, and today did not help soothe my impatience to get there!

What places are on your Top Five Destinations to see in the next five years?

~ Just a Thrifty Gypsy

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