January 11, 2015

The "Crotch-Shot" Fiasco of Rome

Traveling can be a risky business.  Beyond the inconveniences of losing luggage, missing flights, or getting robbed, there's the even more perilous situations, like, stepping on a piece of gum as soon as you step out of the train station, or accidentally throwing your pizza all over the floor.  Do you know how much a slice will set you back in Italy?!  Didn't your mother ever tell you that euros don't grow on trees?

The struggle is real. Including the typo fail.

However, perhaps the most embarrassing moment of our 2014 Italy trip occurred on our first night in Rome.  We arrived later than expected, thanks to the punctual prowess of Italy's public transport, and eagerly took the restaurant recommendation of our hotel's concierge to placate our growling stomachs.  Tired from the hike up Mt Vesuvius that morning and the extended train ride from Naples to Rome, it would be fair to assess my nerves as a bit frazzled.

Danny and I were seated at Ristorante Babbo's outdoor tables, directly next to the main aisle across from the shelves of wine.  With a glass of the house white in hand and bruschetta to nibble on until our entrees arrived, I could feel the stress starting to melt away.  I fidgeted with my dress straps as we discussed the next day's itinerary.  And then, it happened.


As I adjusted my dress, elbows out, I gave a firm shot to the crotch of a passing waiter.  Only impeccable training and composure saved his tray from an untimely fall as he clutched himself in pain.

"Scusi, signora," he gasped, as I sank back into my chair in utter mortification, before he turned and walked away quickly, albeit gingerly.

"I need another glass of wine," I said to Danny as I downed mine.  "Only in Italy could you give an elbow shot to your waiter's crotch and he's the one to apologize to you."

The look on the waiter's face after my ill-timed elbow.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself while on vacation?  Please, spill the beans!

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  1. LOL!!! That was a good laugh! Poor guy. He was probably just as mortified as you, if not more so! :)

  2. Ha ha! That poor guy! He took it well though! An Italian football player would have been on the ground ;)
    I once woke up my German neighbours by ringing repeatedly on their doorbell at 3am - I couldn't find my key. Then I saw them the next day and started apologising profusely. He was like 'No, no! I'm sorry! I should have opened the door on the first ring!' I felt even worse!

  3. I've read both your stories just now. And couldn't stop laughing ;) People started staring at me ;) Good stories :)

  4. LOL this happened to me in my days of being a waiter as well :) at least you gave him a story to tell I'm sure :)

  5. Oh gosh! Hahaha the poor waiter! I can't stop laughing. Well, at least you never have to see him again :)

  6. Oh no, poor guy! I can't believe he was so polite about it too! Travel "transit" days can be so stressful. I can totally relate to that feeling of ahhhh when things are finally going your way and food is coming... such bad timing though lol.

  7. I'm literally laughing out loud at this one! Poor guy!


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