January 24, 2015

Sisters Are Friends Who Can't Get Rid of You

In honor of National Middle Sibling's Day (which I totally made up about five seconds ago), I am posting these pictures of my sister and I, taken throughout the years.  My once little sister has grown from a blankie-hugging, tattle-tailing little tyke into a beautiful, talented, and accomplished young woman.  Today she is marrying her Prince Charming, and I am very happy for her, although somewhat bewildered that she could possibly be old enough to do this!  (Because if she's old enough to get married, that makes me, well, really old!)

Happy day of nuptials, Karrin Louise!  May your beloved's feet never stink, your toilets never overflow, may your wine cabinet never go empty, and may you one day learn how not to trip while going up the stairs.  Pax vobiscum.

My wedding in 2010 (left) and us sometime between 1993 and 1994 (right).

Hamming it up for the "paparazzi" in 2011.

Karrin has always exuded the thug life (2011)...

... yet is not afraid to express her snuggly side (2009).

We were doing duck face before it was cool (2008).

Beauty, brains, and blue eyes! (Left, 2011; Right, 2008)

Youngest, oldest, and the two beauts in between (2009).

Friends Forever... (like we have a choice! ;)


  1. Such a sweet post! Congrats on your sister's wedding. At first I was like, wait a minute - National Middle Sibling's Day is a thing? Lol. Growing up, I often wished I had a sister (just me and my older brother), but I have a younger cousin who's more like a sister than a cousin. Cute childhood pics. ;-)

  2. Congratulations on your sisters wedding... (mine got married last November.)

  3. How wonderful! It's weird seeing my "little" sister be old enough to marry...

  4. Haha, nope, I'm all about making up fake holidays. Too bad my boss won't recognize them to give me the day off! :P

  5. My 'little' one is 15, so she still has time! Haha

  6. I know the feeling! My youngest sister is still only 13, so I'm hoping for another 15 years (at least!) before her wedding!

  7. So sweet! My sister and I are really close, and it will be such an emotional day when she gets married! Of course, at just a year behind me, she's old enough to be getting married so I better get used to the idea soon :)


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