May 05, 2015

James River Brewing Company - Fine Brews in a One Horse Town

James River Brewing Company boasts the finest beers in town.  Not a hard feat for a one-horse town of 591 residents in Scottsville, Virginia.  But in my opinion, this craft brewery deserves recognition on a greater level for its quality of beers, friendliness of service, and the warm atmosphere of their tap room.

Let's start with the beers at James River Brewing Company (hereafter referred to as JRBC for short).  If you've read any of my other craft brewery reviews (or if you follow me on Instagram), you might have noticed that my brews of choice are very, shall we say, wheaty.  Some call it hefeweizen or witbier, but I call it liquid bread.  Smooth, comforting, and filling.  JRBC's Fluvanna Fluss transported me halfway across the globe to Germany.  It has a slight citrus tone in its aftertaste, which was nicely complemented with the addition of an orange to the glass, but the beer stands solidly on its own two feet, too.

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As you can see from my picture (which totally has my taste buds in a knot right now), the beer has a golden, slightly cloudy appearance, which is typical for a hefeweizen. European hefeweizens can be even cloudier in appearance, but the Fluvanna Fluss is the best American version I've tasted yet.

We stayed at JRBC for so long in one afternoon that they almost made us pay rent on our patio seats (just kidding!), but we had such a great time soaking up the early spring sun, letting our dogs be spoiled with dog treats from the manager, and swapping stories with a local whose small son climbed up on our laps like he belonged there.  It was an absolutely stellar afternoon in Scottsville, and one I hope to replicate there again soon.

Where's your favorite craft brewery?

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  1. I love finding craft breweries. We have so many around Atlanta and my husband and I go out and try a new one every weekend. We love getting flights so we can try all the different beers they have to offer.

  2. I think my husband would really enjoy the Fluvanna Fluss as well! We'll have to visit there next time we're in VA; my brother and his wife live in Harrisonburg and it would make a great meeting point, about half-way!

  3. those beers look yummy!


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