June 30, 2015

Mapping My Month: July 2015

I wish I could say that June 2015 was a very productive month - for life, the universe, and everything in between - but honesty is the best policy as my mother always says. So the recap will be very brief to reflect the (nearly nonexistent) events of the past month.

A few weeks ago we went public about my upcoming three month long "vacation" from work. I wish I could say that the time off will be spent on a beautiful Caribbean beach with a tall, cold drink in hand, but in all actuality my hands will be full with baby bottles and diapers. Baby Gypsy is on their way!

Maybe in 5 months...
The Universe...
Despite exhaustion and nausea dogging my steps, we did manage to keep our weekends delightfully full. One weekend of baby showers (preview of our future life) and adult birthday brewery parties (where, sadly, I was unable to partake) in the general Richmond area provided me with a challenge for after #252by2022 has been completed: visiting every brewery in Virginia!

Two weekends of boating, beaching, and being relaxed in Virginia's beautiful Northern Neck helped recharge us after long work weeks. Our five year anniversary fell on one of those weekends, and it was so lovely to spend our anniversary in the same place we spent our mini-honeymoon. Nothing beats the saltwater lowlands of Virginia.

Last weekend was spent waging war on the clutter that has taken over one of the spare bedrooms. I think the clutter won this battle; we still have a lot of work to do in order to make way for crib, changing table, pallets of diapers, and lots of future souvenirs for Baby Gypsy's travels!

And Everything...
I definitely didn't do much travel writing over the past month, that's for sure. Only six other posts in all of June? It's a new record low.

July should be similar to June, but with more writing, a weekend tubing trip to the mountains, celebrating Uncle Sam's birthday somewhere that has water, and maybe a girl's weekend to Ocean City. Still not sure if I have the energy level to attempt that one!

2015 Goal Updates:
1. Hot, humid Virginia days have deterred me from doing much exercise, but technically I'm under doctor's orders to walk at least 30 minutes a day... I'm just going to let that sentence fade off without any excuses...
2. The credit card balance is so low that I may just pay it all off in a fit of financial denouement. Take that, debt monster!
3. No caffeine, no alcohol, no sushi, no deli meat. It's no wonder people are itching to get pregnant all the time! </sarcasm>
4. Although I gave up on cutting back the amount of time, I'm doing well about not posting all the time. Sorry, no dinner selfies or words of wisdom typed while perched on the porcelain god.
5. We made zero progress on the #252by2022 challenge this month. Chalk it up to pregnancy tiredness (although I'm still planning to visit wineries while pregnant and make B do the tasting) and B being on vacation. We shall have to redouble our efforts in the future.

So what epic adventures are you up to this July?


  1. Ugh I spent the day chasing kids around in hot, humid weather... so done. I'm officially restricting my summer exercise to lazing around in the pool...

  2. Your summer is definitely different than you imagined, I'm sure! I hope you find the energy to enjoy a girls weekend. That sounds wonderful.
    I saw a picture of your dog in your Instagram feed... what breed is he? Too cute! I want one!


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