June 08, 2015

Post-Travel Blues Disorder (Or How I'm Still Pouting That My Vacation Is Over)

Have you just recently returned from a trip abroad?

Do you feel depressed, indifferent, or uninterested in your everyday life? Do you find yourself unable to even look at pictures from your holiday without experiencing a severe case of jealousy over your past self?

If so, you may be suffering from Post-Travel Blues Disorder (PTBD).


If you hadn't noticed, things have been awfully quiet here at The Thrifty Gypsy's Travels since returning from our #EurSoGypsy escapades a few weeks ago. I can chalk it up to a few reasons, such as jet lag, catching up on work, and trying to stay afloat with a busy personal life, too. However, if I'm honest with myself (and you), I've just been feeling too unmotivated to write about anything.

The best thing about big trips abroad is the planning and anticipation; the worst thing is coming back and feeling like you have nothing to look forward to anymore. Of course that's a little over dramatic considering we have lots of weekend trips and events already planned, but try telling that to my post-travel self who is quite (un)happily wallowing in her post-travel blues misery! (Cue the "first world problems" hash tag...)

But as my body has finally acclimated to being back in the U.S. (took twice as long as last year!), I can slowly feel my enthusiasm building. And hopefully within a week or two, I'll have an exciting announcement regarding our next big adventure!

Until then, you really ought to follow my Instagram, which has been totally unaffected by my PTBD.

Do you suffer from PTBD after a major holiday of traveling? What's your cure?

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  1. Yup, I hear that. A return to reality is always disappointing! Glad you're slowly getting back your motivation, though.

  2. "Do you find yourself unable to even look at pictures from your holiday without experiencing a severe case of jealousy over your past self?" I'm LOL'ing, but I can sooo relate! I don't know what's worse - the post travel blues disorder or pre-trip anxiety that I'm currently suffering from since our next big trip isn't scheduled until the fall. It's torture - torture, I say - reading other travel blogs these days. :-)

  3. I usually get the blues a few weeks after getting back. There is a delay for me. To get over it, I just start planning a new journey!

  4. I can relate, I say give it time, re adjust and then get to it!

  5. I've experienced PTBD way too many times.... I take coming back from a vacation really really hard. Even just a weekend trip. After all of the anticipation and planning, it's just such a let down. I'm leaving Madrid in a few weeks to return to the States and I think it will be my worst PTBD yet. (Not) looking forward to it, but it's nice to know other people are wallowing away in the same boat.... misery loves company ;D

  6. I have suffered from this many, many times. Chin up! There are plenty of adventures you can embark on close to home. Plants some roots and build some community - that's an adventure in itself! The next overseas adventure will come!


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