October 18, 2015

Prague Photo Fails

If you look at the Instagram feed of the average travel blogger, you'll find Pinterest-worthy photos of perfectly buttered scones, elegant ladies draped casually at the feet of ancient ruins, and brightly-colored vistas of some exotic island. These photos are meant to entice you to eat, visit, and enjoy the various wonders of the world. But while these photo feeds are not lies, they make it easy to forget the not so picture-perfect aspect of traveling. You know the moments - the time the very, very large gentleman wanders into your perfect photo nomming on a large hotdog and spilling ketchup all over his shirt. Or the one where the wind whips up out of nowhere, blowing your hair into your face until you resemble Cousin It (see above). Or the one where you eagerly try to capture an action shot but forget to change the camera setting so it comes out as one huge blur.

Sometimes these photo fails can break your heart, especially if it's the only shot of a place or event you witnessed on the road. But oftentimes these photos can prove amusing and make for even richer memories. As such, I'm sharing a few of my "photo fails" from our trip to Prague.

A windswept look? Or merely messy?
The dude bro on the left just would not move, no matter how many times we took this picture.
These knights were marvelous to watch. Too bad I forgot to put my camera on a better setting for the light and the movement.
Selfie fail! I didn't even make it into this picture!
One of those "let's take an artistic shot of ourselves with the castle in the background" shot that just didn't work out...
Awkward stance? Check. Too much bridge railing? Check. All that's missing is a pitchfork, and we'd look like these guys.
I call this the "inappropriately clothed American awkwardly clutching at her side" photo.
Because nothing says "artistic shot" like trash in the foreground of a Charles Bridge photo.

Romantic night photo turned horribly, horribly blurry.

Do you have a lot of "photo fails" from your travels? Any funny ones you'd like to share?

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  1. Wow! But some of those could pass for good pictures;.. if you crop them out correctly lol...

  2. Haha, I love how your husband looks pretty cool in every picture and you manage to not be in it or look away :D my boyfriend and I are pretty good at having our eyes closed whenever we take pictures so it almost always results in a fail :D

  3. I'm with you that sometimes the biggest photo fails turn into some of the funniest pictures with the best memories. Although, sometimes it is hard to not try to compare the photos you take to some of those amazing Pinterest worthy pictures.

  4. These are great! I love these kinds of posts as they show beyond the picture perfect travelling shots :)

  5. Hehe what a great idea for a post! I definitely have the ones with awkwardly placed trash... and people that just won't move!!

  6. Haha I love this idea! I could have multiple posts of just photo fails! I love when people just stand in the way of your picture like they don't see clearly what you are trying to do.

  7. This is hysterical. Unfortunately I usually have more photo fails than good pictures ... I'm no photographer haha. Still I keep them because they're pretty funny to look back on! I also love when you ask someone to take a picture of you [obvious monument/attraction/view behind you] and they just zoom in on your faces and completely miss the background .. Like hello, the point of the picture was that big shiny monument behind me! Love this idea for a post :D

  8. hahaha I love these posts! I saw one on Amy and the Great World as well and I want to make one! For every good photo I post on my blog I have like 10 weird ones in my photo files - I particularly love the awkward posing and the trash in the foreground - I get so many of those!

  9. This is such a fun post! Haha! Though the first one is actually a pretty good picture. I hate when the lighting is bad and the picture turns out all dark, but that's what photo editing is for! And most of the time, when you ask someone else to take a picture of you, it hardly ever turns out good. So I usually try to find people with big cameras because then it probably means they're photographers haha.


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