February 19, 2015


Perched on the top of a hill just a stone's throw away from the Natural Bridge in the Blue Ridge of Virginia stands an impressive - and hilarious - recreation of Stonehenge.

Each "stone" has been carefully placed to replicate the orientation and layout of the stones at England's most famous henge.  However, as a sign near the entrance indicates, these foam-stones weigh significantly less than their fifty-ton counterparts, topping off at no more than 420 pounds a piece.

And unlike Stonehenge, which by some estimates took upwards of 1,500 years to complete with the labor of anywhere from 600 to 1,000 men, Foamhenge was completed in just six weeks with the labor of "4-5 Mexicans and one crazy white man."

The tongue-in-cheek humor really had me rolling.

Foamhenge is free to visit, and if you don't mind getting some red Virginia clay on your boots, you could spend a solid 15 minutes strolling through the site, snapping pictures to fool your friends on Instagram into thinking that you took a spontaneous jaunt over to jolly ol' England for the weekend.

What do you think?  Would you like to stop by Foamhenge?



  1. Lol. Sold. We're definitely going to have to visit soon.

  2. I forgot to post a picture of it, but he also had a Merlin-like statue there with arms outstretched like he magicked Foamhenge into existence. I'll probably post a throwback picture of it next week. The place was just hilarious, and since it's so close to Natural Bridge, you may as well pop by this place, too! Can't beat free!


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