February 25, 2015

Wave Jumping & Beach Bumming in OBX (Re-blog)

It's cold outside.  It's cold inside because I refuse to get another $300 heating bill.  I'm cold, grumpy, and not happy that we're getting more snow tonight.  So instead of being a productive member of society, today I am feasting my eyes on warm beach scenes, particularly this one from our trip to the Outer Banks in August.  Either it'll put me in a better mood, or it'll make me curse the weather even more.  Either way, at least all my griping might warm me up.


The Thrifty Gypsy's Travels ~ Wave Jumping & Beach Bumming in OBX: With only ten paid vacation days in a year, our vacations tend to resemble a gauntlet of things to do and see rather than a time to unplug... (continue reading here).


  1. Yeah having 10 paid days a year is not the best, but at least you got to take a weekend at the beach!


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