February 01, 2015

Mapping My Month: February 2015

I feel like I ask this every month, but seriously, where has the time gone?!

January came and went just as fast as December.  We took a low-key approach to New Year's by celebrating with close friends at their house, and our month followed that same laid-back tone.  While Danny spent his weekends relic-hunting throughout central Virginia (ladies, if you need to get rid of your history-loving hubbies for a few hours, buy them a metal detector), I took a few excursions to breweries in the Blue Ridge Mountains - Bold Rock, Wild Wolf, and Starr Hill, to be specific.

My birthday boy <3
In between wedding festivities for my sister, a dear friend and I managed to squeeze in a few visits to local attractions in the Richmond area last weekend.  Monument Avenue and Shirley Plantation did not disappoint.  When you can't travel far, travel near!  Backyard tourism is the bomb!

Speaking of backyard tourism, next weekend I'll be whisking my hubby away in honor of his 32nd birthday (which is actually today)!  Itinerary possibilities could include: Virginia Military Institute, Stonewall Jackson's House, Devil's Backbone Brewery, Blue Lab Brewery, Natural Bridge, and walking through downtown Lexington itself.  We may not see it all, but we'll have a good time trying!

February promises to be busy, but not necessarily with travel plans.  Other than spontaneous excursions and backyard tourism, I don't expect that we'll be embarking on major travel plans until our spring trip to Europe.  94 days 'til departure!  (But who's counting?)

What fun activities did January bring you, and how's your February looking?


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  1. Sounds fab, but best of all is the countdown. 94 days... so close now!!!

  2. So jealous about your spring trip to Europe! I'd been hoping to do that this year but might have to postpone it :(

  3. I ask that every month too!

    I want to explore more around the Blue Ridge Mountains, now that my sister has moved near the area. I hope your husband's birthday trip is fun!

  4. The Blue Ridge is amazing no matter what the season! And having family nearby makes for a great excuse to visit. :)

  5. Awwww, I hope you don't have to postpone too long! We're really lucky that Danny's family is German and that we have so many friends there, too. We wouldn't be able to go nearly as often if it weren't for that.


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