August 01, 2015

Mapping My Month: August 2015

So it's August. Am I the only one desperately searching for a slow motion button?!

Despite my best intentions, I didn't write much more in July than I did in June. But it's better than not writing at all, right? (The glass is always half full...except when wine is involved.) Every weekend was booked from Independence Day celebrations with family to tubing on the James, to a weekend getaway on the Shenandoah River with more tubing and culminating in a girls' getaway to Ocean City, Maryland, this past weekend. Once again, I've increased my writing topics with no clear idea as to when I'll actually be able to write about them!

This past month I also enjoyed a very successful blog exchange with Julie of Alone with my tea! I shared about the theme behind being a Thrifty Gypsy while Julie wrote about the highs and lows of being an ex-pat in Brazil. I had such fun working with Julie that I'm open to more guest exchanges in the future! Drop me a line if you're interested.

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August will be just as eventful as July if not more so. This weekend is shaping up to be beautiful, so we'll probably be lured out to Kilmarnock for a weekend of boating, swimming, and fishing. The following weekend is the best weekend of the whole year - because it's my birthday! We have no set plans, but Danny may have some secrets stashed up his sleeves. After that, we'll be doing a German-themed gender reveal for Baby Gypsy (dirndl and lederhosen-shaped cookies, anyone?) with our families and very close friends before welcoming a little piece of Germany into our homes when Danny's cousin arrives from Frankfurt for a 10 day visit. Her visit will encompass two weekends, which will be spent at Kilmarnock, the beach, the mountains, and various other attractions. It'll be a whirlwind trip! After she leaves, it's Labor Day weekend, and who knows what we might be up to by then? I'm still concocting hypothetical itineraries in case something pops up this fall so we'll be prepared!

2015 Goal Updates:
1. Does walking several miles on the Ocean City boardwalk count? No? Ok, well then, once the weather cools, I'll be back on this goal like a pregnant lady on ice cream and pickles.
2. Over 11,000 points on the credit card! It might take me years, but one day it'll get us free tickets to Europe!
3. Accomplished.
4. The less time I spend online, the more time I'm spending in real life, y'all. It's been a good trade so far.
5. We made zero progress on the #252by2022 challenge this month. Again! And at this rate, September will be the first opportunity to change that and only if I don't look so hugely pregnant that the vineyards bar me entry...

How was your July, and what are you up to in August?


  1. You're a Leo too? Woot!! Happy early bday!! I celebrated my bday last Sunday with a spa day followed by brunch courtesy of Jave. You've been busy. I love that you keep right on exploring even while you're pregnant.

    1. Yet another reason to like you! :) Wow, a spa day sounds amazing right about now. I think we're going to keep my birthday low-key for the actual day, but we're hoping for a quick trip next month to make up for it! I've been super blessed that my pregnancy symptoms are pretty much non-existent right now (as compared to feeling so sick for the first three months), so it makes getaways a lot easier!

  2. Well it sounds like you have lots to look forward to! haha love the idea of those cookies for the baby reveal!x

    1. Me too! I can't wait to see how they'll turn out!

  3. since this was aug 1st, I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday, I hope it was a good one! and I would love to see the pictures from your gender reveal party, you chose a great theme. ;)

    1. Thank you! It was Sunday, so I've been celebrating over the last few days. :) The reveal will be this weekend, so maybe in a week or two I'll post some pictures or do a quick write-up.


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