Virginia Vineyards

In April 2015, a friend and I made a pact to visit every Virginia winery by my 35th birthday in 2022.  At the beginning of the challenge, there were 252 wineries, and so #252by2022 was born.

1.  Both B and myself have to visit the winery together in order for the visit to count towards the challenge.
2.  At least one wine must be sampled and one photo taken (no stipulations on the picture's subject, however).
3.  If more wineries open before the deadline, they must also be visited.  Deadline is August 9, 2022. 

Wineries Visited:
All wineries listed have already been visited.  Links will go live as soon as the write-up is completed.

Barboursville Vineyards
Blue Bee Cidery

Cardinal Point Winery
Cooper Vineyard


James River Cellars Winery


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