February 28, 2018

Finding Nemo at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Life Center

So we found Nemo at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Life Center, and that's all that mattered to our Nemo-obsessed toddler.

Even before the trip began, I had high expectations... and reservations. The aquarium admission price for an adult is by no means cheap, and after factoring in the other costs (Airbnb rental, food, gas), my thrifty side nearly scrapped the whole trip. But wanderlust prevailed, as did the toddler's increasingly-cute obsession with sea turtles and marine life.

February 26, 2018

Well-Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I had so many grand plans this year. For the blog, for travels, for my job. Then February happened!

January was a solid month. I managed to publish five posts, which is impressive considering that I only published fourteen during the entirety of 2017. February came in like a wrecking ball, though, bringing the dreaded flu and leaving chaos in its wake. I spent half the month sick or tending to sick babies. I've done more than my fair share in contributing to the bonuses of Lysol executives!