January 15, 2018

Applying for a Child's Passport

So you've got a kid and you want to travel. What next?

Applying for a passport in the United States is relatively straightforward, albeit not inexpensive, whether you're an adult or if you're a parent looking to acquire one for your little bundle (or toddler tornado) of joy. I've broken the process down into three steps, found below.

January 05, 2018

Time Flies When You're Having Babies

Written Christmas Eve 2017
I blinked, and my entire life changed.

Today we are celebrating the second birthday of our oldest daughter, Toddler Gypsy. It has been such a joy to view life through her eyes! A simple trip to the grocery store turns into a game; an excursion to a historic site becomes an adventure; a camping trip may as well be a visit to another world. She has a big imagination and loves to go to new places, just like her parents.