August 22, 2016

Long Time, No Posts!

Hazy sunrise over Lake Victoria. Uganda, 2007.
So a few of you have noticed that things have been awfully quiet around here lately.

And to summarize my answers to the kind inquiries via email, social media private messages, and my college roommate's blunt query as to whether I'm pregnant and too tired to write:

No, I've not been kidnapped by pirates.
No, I haven't capitalized on my dream to move to a deserted island and become monarch of my own tribe.
No, I'm not in jail for vandalizing a pet store with graffiti reading, "Free the whales!"
And no, I'm not pregnant. (Sorry, mom.)

So why has it been over five weeks since my last post?

Well, life happened!

My big girl, pays-the-bills job career runs in high gear during the summer with only a slight downshift into the fall. Between work, home life, baby suddenly deciding that her only crawling speed is, like, mach five, and some weekend trips away, I've been too fill-in-the-blank to think about blogging.

At first, I felt anxious that I hadn't blogged in a while. Then I felt guilty that I was enjoying the break too much. Then I started feeling better (maybe it was all the chocolate I was eating?) as the pressure to "do for the sake of doing" started easing up.

Ultimately, breaks are a good thing. Without them, we get too burned out and lose the joy that we can find in our favorite activities. And I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity either.

So while I am not back to blogging at the moment (we actually leave tomorrow for a nearly three week vacation!), I will be back. Refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized. This place has always been a hobby and outlet for my passion for writing (and to humor the inner preteen who just wants an excuse to post selfies to an audience), and I don't want it to become something I dread doing just because I feel that I have to do so.

But I have still been stalking keeping up with the adventures of some of my favorite fellow bloggers, so if you're in need of some travel reading, be sure to check out the fellow gypsies I have linked to on the bottom right of my page.

And if you've been missing me too much, I still maintain my social media presence even when not writing!

So, how's your summer been?!

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