May 28, 2015

Snapshots from Bavaria

We have returned from our #EurSoGypsy adventure through Europe!  Once I've recovered from the jet lag (and caught up on the hundreds of personal and work emails that piled up while I was gone!), I'll start dishing out on all the great stories and sites that we visited.  Until then, please enjoy these photo essays!


Castle on the hill above Möhren

The Hesselberg

Weißwurst, spätzle, knödel, and laugenbrötchen in Eichstätt.


May 16, 2015


Paris is everything they say it is and more.

But due to technological issues (aka the iPhone needs a software update that can't happen until we're back in the states), I find myself unable to post pictures of Paris on Instagram, Facebook, or even here. I'm definitely a little bummed about that!

Anyway, only another nine days in Europe before the H word rears its head. Home. It's a terrible word to hear while on vacation. But tomorrow we return to Germany for quality time with family, so I won't fret about the return just yet!

May 10, 2015

The Acropolis

Sometimes you have moments in your travels where you just think, "Wow, am I really here?!"

There was a lot of that yesterday...

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May 08, 2015

Room With a View

I could get used to this! And there's a rooftop bar right above us. When the sun goes down, we'll go up for some great views over a tasty brew.

May 07, 2015

Commence Operation #EurSoGypsy

Our long-awaited vacation is here!  It will be relatively quiet on the blog front these next few weeks as Danny and I take some time to explore more of Europe.  While I may post a few pictures here or there on the blog, I will be keeping a more constant presence on our social media accounts, particularly Instagram (I'm a 'gramming fiend, don't you know!) and Twitter.  I might show some love on the good ol' Facebook, too.

So if you want to keep up with our Aegean adventures, Parisian promenades, or Bavarian banquetings (see what I did there?), then put your procrastinating posterior in gear and follow me already!

P.S.  If you want a postcard, you better send your address to before it's too late!

P.P.S.  Our Bavarian hometown, Dinkelsbühl, is pictured above.  Ain't she purty?!

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May 05, 2015

James River Brewing Company - Fine Brews in a One Horse Town

James River Brewing Company boasts the finest beers in town.  Not a hard feat for a one-horse town of 591 residents in Scottsville, Virginia.  But in my opinion, this craft brewery deserves recognition on a greater level for its quality of beers, friendliness of service, and the warm atmosphere of their tap room.

Let's start with the beers at James River Brewing Company (hereafter referred to as JRBC for short).  If you've read any of my other craft brewery reviews (or if you follow me on Instagram), you might have noticed that my brews of choice are very, shall we say, wheaty.  Some call it hefeweizen or witbier, but I call it liquid bread.  Smooth, comforting, and filling.  JRBC's Fluvanna Fluss transported me halfway across the globe to Germany.  It has a slight citrus tone in its aftertaste, which was nicely complemented with the addition of an orange to the glass, but the beer stands solidly on its own two feet, too.

A photo posted by Thrifty Gypsy's Travels (@thriftygypsy87) on

As you can see from my picture (which totally has my taste buds in a knot right now), the beer has a golden, slightly cloudy appearance, which is typical for a hefeweizen. European hefeweizens can be even cloudier in appearance, but the Fluvanna Fluss is the best American version I've tasted yet.

We stayed at JRBC for so long in one afternoon that they almost made us pay rent on our patio seats (just kidding!), but we had such a great time soaking up the early spring sun, letting our dogs be spoiled with dog treats from the manager, and swapping stories with a local whose small son climbed up on our laps like he belonged there.  It was an absolutely stellar afternoon in Scottsville, and one I hope to replicate there again soon.

Where's your favorite craft brewery?

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May 02, 2015

Mapping My Month: May 2015

You know what they say - April showers bring May TRAVELS!  The time has almost come, my friends.  Less than a week stands between us and Europe!

As always, I am woefully behind on my "must do before we leave" list, thanks to a busy few weeks at work and my tendency to procrastinate.  Although the list of activities doesn't look like much, April kept us busy!

In the last 30 days, we ...
  • Got some epic sunburns while sprucing up the flower and vegetable gardens - life on a hobby farm!  
  • Visited EIGHT more Virginia wineries and began the #252by2022 challenge. 
  • Went arrow-head hunting and sunburn catching (again!) in Virginia's Northern Neck.

It really doesn't seem like a lot, does it?  Over a week of my life was stolen by allergies this past month, though, and that squashed some of our plans like wanting to visit Appomattox Courthouse for the 150th commemoration of General Lee's surrender to Grant, which effectively ended the American Civil war.  Appomattox is only 90 minutes away, but without a voice and the energy to even sit in a car, some of our valuable weekend time was spent couch-bound.

We're so excited for the next 30 days, though!  Soon we'll be wandering through ancient Greek ruins; dipping our toes in the Mediterranean; feeling vastly less fashionable than the Parisians as we snap selfies under the Eiffel Tower; and soaking up every last precious minute with relatives and friends in the heart of Germany.  We're cramming a lot of action into 18 short days.  Be sure to follow our adventures on Twitter and Instagram with #EurSoGypsy!

2015 Goal Updates:
1. Still hitting the trails hard. Hopefully my feet (and stamina!) are ready for the marathon of walking in Europe.
2. The credit card balance is still going down, and the Venture miles keep going up! We're at nearly 6,000 miles now.
3. I'm going to mark this one as being fully accomplished for the year. Most days are entirely caffeine-free, and I feel great!
4. This one may end up being a lost cause for 2015. Oops.
5. Still no.  But I'm going to let the #252by2022 challenge replace this one.  Let's see how many wineries we can fit in this year!

What are you excited about for May?

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