March 07, 2018

Go Fourth & Travel

When we began the Thrifty Gypsy's Travels in 2014, we had a loose objective to record our travels and hopefully motivate others to travel.

Four years, two babies, several countries visited, and countless adventures later, our mission here remains the same: chronicling our adventures, on a budget, with the hope to inspire others to do the same. Our activity on the blog (and the road!) fluctuates with each season of life, but I'm so proud to call this space ours and to continue sharing our trips and life with you all.

So in honor of completing our fourth year around the blogging sun, we're makin' it rain ... postcards!

Leave a comment detailing one of YOUR favorite travel memories or comment on one of our social media pages. For the moments and memories that catch our fancy, we will send a postcard featuring our beautiful home state of Virginia.

In the interim, enjoy some of our favorite travel moments as captured on our blog.

Swimming in the blue lagoon of Bagni Della Regina Giovanna, the ruins of a Roman villa perched on the cliffs of the Mediterranean. 
"Every visit to Italy ought to include at least one day on the coast.  In the midst of an itinerary packed full of ruins, monuments, fountains, museums, beautiful churches, Unesco World Heritage sites, and hurry-hurry-hurry!, we paused for a day on the Campanian coast, basking in the salt breeze, soaking up the warm sun, and swimming in crystal clear water.  Turns out, it was our favorite day of the whole Italian trip. " [Read More...]

Reliving the Thirty Years' War and throwing back drafts with the locals at Dinkelsbuhl's Kinderzeche festival.
"Sweden has a reputation.  For remaining neutral during conflicts, that is.  But the land of blonde-haired women, meatballs, and Ikea didn't always take the path of neutrality. During the Thirty Years' War of the 17th century, Sweden invaded many of its Baltic neighbors, including Germany. Danny's German hometown of Dinkelsb├╝hl experienced the Swedish invasion firsthand, enduring eight different sieges throughout the war. The most well-known siege, however, occurred in 1632 when the Swedish General Sperreuth threatened the fully-walled, medieval town with complete destruction." [Read More...]

Enjoying a whirlwind 48 hour introduction to London on a last-minute whim.
"So... you're going to London!  The home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Earl Gray tea has a million sights and activities to offer, but there's one catch:  you only have 48 hours.  How in the world can you possibly see such a sprawling metropolis in such a short amount of time?"

Living the salt pup life in Virginia's Northern Neck, where the most pressing item on your to-do list is relaxing to the tune of the waves.
"The Northern Neck-- a decidedly unromantic name for a place so rich in natural beauty and small-town charm -- is the northernmost of three peninsulas jutting into the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, with the Potomac River as the northern border and the Rappahannock to the south.  It's a playground for the affluent and the working man alike..." [Read More...]

So, dish it! What is one of your favorite travel moments from the past few years? Comment below or on our social media sites for a snail-mail postcard!

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