January 05, 2018

Time Flies When You're Having Babies

Written Christmas Eve 2017
I blinked, and my entire life changed.

Today we are celebrating the second birthday of our oldest daughter, Toddler Gypsy. It has been such a joy to view life through her eyes! A simple trip to the grocery store turns into a game; an excursion to a historic site becomes an adventure; a camping trip may as well be a visit to another world. She has a big imagination and loves to go to new places, just like her parents.

In the past 24 months, the quantity of our travels has slowed considerably. Traveling with little ones brings a whole host of logistical hurdles to overcome, which makes travel more difficult when you're adhering to strict budget constraints. But that's okay - our little gypsies will not be little forever, and we want to soak up this time while we can. One day they'll be more mobile and more interested in the history and attractions of sightseeing, which is more conducive to traveling.

But not today. Today we will watch as she blows the candles on her Elmo cupcakes and somersaults across the living room to elicit applause from extended family and friends. For now, we will explore the microecosystems in our backyard or the attractions which bring visitors across the country (and world) to our little neck of the woods. And we will continue to cultivate her curiosity and encourage her character until she's ready to take on the world on her own terms.

Happy birthday, little love. I can't believe it's already been two years, and I can't believe it's only been two years. With one international trip under your belt, the next one in the works, a handful of regional road trips, and countless trips to the beach and mountains, you're already quite the adventurer.

Time flies when you're having babies.

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