June 13, 2014

Guest Posts: Two Are Better Than One

I'm very excited to share that this upcoming week I'll have guest posts featured on two incredible travel blogging sites!

Gordon & Paula
(c) Contented Traveller
Tomorrow, Paula and Gordon at Contented Traveller will be showcasing a fun little piece I wrote in response to their post 5 Things I miss about Australia when travelling.  I enjoy reading about Paula and Gordon's adventures as they follow the concept of serendipity -- the art of making desirable discoveries by chance!  Whether it's facing a fear of heights to conquer Sigiriya, the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World in Sri Lanka, or contemplating the beauties of the Matterhorn over a cup of hot chocolate in Zermatt, Switzerland, their stories are informative, entertaining, and oftentimes humorous!  Many thanks to them for featuring my piece on their blog tomorrow (June 15th).  Be sure to check them out!

Catherine & Ian
(c) Ever Changing Scenery
I'm also really stoked to be a part of  Ever Changing Scenery this week!  Catherine is the force behind this blog, writing about her hometown York, England, and her wanderings elsewhere as she prepares to leave her life in the UK later this year to travel the world!  Catherine has a fun feature called A Random Story, in which she asks participants a random question about a favorite memory, event or story.  In this feature's introduction, Catherine explains,
"I've heard some of the funniest and most surreal stories this way, about things that would never have come up in a normal conversation.
But what has this got to do with this blog? Well, I've been thinking about introducing guest posts for a while now, but had no inspiration as to what sort of theme or style I wanted them to follow. Until now. I want your random stories."

Say no more, Catherine!  My response to her random question will be posted on her site on Friday, June 20th.  You should check out Ever Changing Scenery for more about Catherine's adventures and her upcoming trip to see the world!

Want to talk about your latest, greatest, most favoritest travel experience?  I'm open to publishing guest posts on a variety of travel-related topics!  Contact me on twitter (@ThriftyGypsy87) or e-mail me at thriftygypsytravels@gmail.com with your idea or completed article, and let's talk!


  1. Can't wait to check it out - random travel stories are by far the best!!!

    1. Thanks! :) It's a "snapshot" type of story, but it was definitely a very random question that she gave me!


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