February 20, 2015

From London With Love

Exactly one year ago, I arrived in London, having just bought a plane ticket only 36 hours prior and needing to constantly pinch myself to make sure it wasn't just a beautiful dream.  It proved to be exactly the motivation I needed to start this blog.

Since that trip, I've been recounting our experiences and passing on tips for thrifty traveling.  In just a few short days, the Thrifty Gypsy's Travels (TGT) will turn one year old!  Stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway and announcement of what I hope to do with the site within the next few months!

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Have you visited London?

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  1. I think it's cool that you took advantage and visited London on such short notice!

  2. Happy First Birthday TGT - London's a great city and I love living here #weekendwanderlust

  3. 3rd ours? That's incredible - what an adventure! Thank you for the shout out x

  4. *36hours ours - autocorrect socks!

  5. I studied abroad this past summer in London and absolutely fell in love! That's great that you experienced such a wonderful city

  6. Thanks! It's like my one claim to coolness, haha. ;)

  7. London is just one of those places... I'm not a city person, but I think I could be happy living in London, even just temporarily. There are just so many cool things about it!


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