June 01, 2015

Mapping My Month: June 2015

All good things come to an end, and so May has left us.  If June can bring half as many great moments, then I'll be satisfied!

We did a lot this past month, and if you followed my #EurSoGypsy hash tag on Twitter and Instagram, you've already previewed what I'll be writing about over the next couple of months.  We spent a weekend in Athens getting the dust of ancients on our feet before flying to the island of Santorini (Thira) to wash it off in the crystal clear water of a volcano's caldera.  It was hard to tear ourselves away, but we did, making it to Germany in time to celebrate a few birthdays in Stuttgart!  Hangovers notwithstanding, we took the train to Paris for a whirlwind weekend before returning to Bavaria for some much-needed relaxation and visitations with family.  Before we knew it, it was time to drive back to Frankfurt for our return flight.  Eighteen hours after landing in D.C., I was back in the office, ruing the day I booked the flights without any recovery time before work!

Can you believe we did all that in less than 18 days?!

The calendar for June looks pretty sparse in comparison.  Our five year anniversary falls on weekend, so we may attempt a regional getaway, and I'm sure more events will pop up the closer we get to them.  I think a long weekend at the river or in the mountains is just what the doctor ordered, so I'll probably start planning something for the long July 4th weekend.  Beyond that, I'll just try to extend our European vacation by writing about it over the next few weeks and daydreaming about what our next adventure will be.  That is, if I can stop wistfully sighing over pictures long enough to concentrate!  (If you want a preview of what I'll be writing about, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I've been posting a few pictures already!)

2015 Goal Updates:
1. After all the walking we did in Europe, I think I've had enough exercise to cover the rest of the year!
2. The credit card balance is still going down (despite Europe!), and the Venture miles keep going up! We're at 6,500 miles now.
3. Kicked the caffeine addiction.
4. Gave up.  #ohwell
5. B and I squeezed in two wineries for our #252by2022 challenge before I left for Europe.  Some progress is better than none, right?

How's your June lookin'?

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  1. What a crazy month! I can't wait to see pics from your trip!

  2. Let's plan some VA adventures for June! (I will not help you with the caffeine addiction, though lol)

  3. Your photos and stories are going to be awesome! I'll be in the DC area June 29-July 5...any chance my husband and I can do one of those VA wineries with you guys??

  4. Can't wait to read all your European stories.


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