October 11, 2015

Kitties of Athens

Considering my name is Katrina, should it be any wonder that I have an affinity for cats? Whether it's making a feline friend on Germany's Romantic Road or getting a leg bump from a Czech cat in Prague, I seem to find furballs everywhere I go! Athens is particularly renown (or notorious?) for all the stray cats, and this photo essay is unabashedly dedicated to a few purring beauties I saw there.

#Sorrynotsorry to all my readers who prefer dogs. Maybe some other time! And #sorrynotsorry that some of these pictures are less than artistic. Cats are not known to cooperate with eager photographers!

On the prowl
Athens' very own Grumpy Cat
"Don't mind me, I just hang out in ancient ruins all day."

"That's right. YOU cook for ME."
"This is my good side."

"I don't often stare into the distance. But when I do, I try to look as philosophic as possible."

"Na na na na naaa na, I can touch this and you can't!"

"Can I has a gyro pwease?"
Do you have an "animal problem" when you go traveling?


  1. I would probably seek out these roaming kitties and try to make friends with them while there. You can never have enough attention from cats!

  2. I always look out for animals when travelling. Different ones. Cats, dogs, fish, butterflies (I love the colourful butterflies, cause they always bring me summer), birds, turtles, horses, cows... Whatever there is. We saw a lot of cats in Turkey, so there's a place to visit for you :)

  3. Those cats are so pretty! I don't think I've ever noticed so many while traveling..


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