April 21, 2016

Wandering Around Eichstätt

One of the best things about the Bavarian region of Germany is just how darn cute and photogenic it is. You turn a corner and bam! picture-perfect, half-timbered houses practically scream "look how quintessentially German I am!" It's enough to make a grown man squeal with glee.

There's no need to seek out big name cities such as Munich or Rothenberg o.d. Tauber to experience Bavaria. In fact the smaller towns and dorfs (the uber cool German word for "village") will provide a less touristy, more genuine experience. We found the college town of Eichstätt to be a pleasant way to spend the afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of big name sites and simply enjoy the laid-back Bavarian life.

We had no agenda for the afternoon. We wandered. Ate a delicious meal (I was pregnant and craving all the foods at that time). Visited a chapel dedicated to Saint Walburga. And attempted to visit the castle Willibaldsburg until we realized there wasn't enough time left in our day.

Example of a medieval torture device.

While I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out of your way to visit Eichstätt (although the castle Willibaldsburg is probably worth it!), there's enough charm and little eateries to keep yourselves well-occupied for a few hours enjoying the slow pace of Bavarian life!

Have you visited Eichstätt or Bavaria in general?

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  1. I love the charm of cute little towns off the beaten path. This one looks so amazing!

  2. We love exploring those little villages - sorry, dorfs - just about anywhere we go. You're right about them giving you a less touristy, more relaxing experience. Have not been to Eichstatt, but it's on our radar now though! #WeekendWanderlust

  3. Bavaria is one of my favorite regions and have been there many times over the years. How have I missed Eichstatt?


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