October 04, 2016

Life Lately

So.... about my absence. Can we just pretend it never happened?!

It's been over three weeks since our return from our first overseas adventure as a family of three. In many ways I am still processing that trip and adjusting to being back from it. Life lately has been intense! And unfortunately, blogging has been the unintended victim of a busy life. So here is a brief update on all the things that have kept me from blogging as regularly.

Gotta love a great onion-dome tower!
What a blast. Baby Gypsy was introduced to Danny's Oma, sister, cousins, uncle, and family friends, and we spent most of our trip simply living like Bavarians in the middle of a medieval walled city. We gorged ourselves on weißwurst, drank as much beer as possible, and promenaded around the cobblestoned streets every day. We ventured to one castle, saw half a dozen more en route to Regensburg, and met the one and only Swags for lunch and boutique cupcakes (which Baby Gypsy managed to swipe when I wasn't paying attention)! And in case you were wondering, Swags is just as gregarious, hilarious, and spontaneous in real life as she seems to be from her blog. I'm looking forward to having a baby-free winefest with her in the future. It will happen!

My "Real Job"
As much as I love blogging, although my sporadic presence here over the last few months may state otherwise, it doesn't pay the bills, and my "real job" has taken up a lot of my time, particularly since our return from Europe. The more I work, the more we have for a house and travel. But the more I work, the less time I have to write about it! It's a vicious cycle, especially with a very active and almost walking 9 month old in the house, but I love my job so I perceive the busyness as good job security.

Putting Down Roots
So we're buying a house! It's under construction by a local father-son craftsmen team, and I could not be more pleased with the quality nor more impressed by the speed of the construction. When I say father-son team, I literally mean that it's being built by just the father and son, sans the contractors for the foundation, plumbing, and electrical. All the framing, roofing, interior work, flooring - all of that - are being done by just two people. The pride in their work make it worth the wait, but we hope to be in our new place by Christmas! Cue the feverish Pinterest searches for how the heck to decorate it!

Social Media
Even when I have no time to blog, I keep a steady presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (in that order), so please follow me there if you aren't already. 

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So... how's your life lately?!

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