January 03, 2017

2017 - Two Is Better Than One

Happy 2017, everyone! Surprise (or no surprise), the Gypsy family is expanding yet again! It's time to prepare for another passport purchase when Baby #2 makes their appearance in early July. We seem to have a knack for holiday babies (our daughter arrived on Christmas eve 2015), so I would not be surprised if we end up with an Independence Day babe. Anyone want to place a bet?!


While many were relieved to see the backside of 2016 and welcomed 2017 with cautious optimism, we enjoyed a wonderful 2016 and feel that 2017 has some big shoes to fill. We enjoyed so many firsts. Our 2016 began with a new outlook on life, seeing the world through the eyes of a newborn. From outings to staycations to visiting new places and revisiting favorites, we took Baby Gypsy everywhere with us. While traveling is a completely different ball game with a child, it is not only completely doable, but something we highly recommend, both for your child's sake and yours. It has compelled Danny and I to work better as a team and permitted us to experience the world in a new way as we share it with our little one. While Baby #2 will keep our hands even more full, I can't wait to take this newest little one near and far, too! Visiting Germany in 2018 for the World Cup sounds like a great idea. Time to turn these littles into Mannschaft fans - Mia san mia, y'all!

Admittedly, our travels in 2016 were few and far between compared to previous years, but this was only partly due to having a little one. We began looking for a house in the early spring, and by summer, we were under contract. We took a few trips around the state (bumping into Ozzy Osbourne while he filmed a TV show at Jamestown was one highlight), took a couple trips up to Amish country in Pennsylvania, and spent three glorious weeks in Bavaria visiting Danny's German relatives. But with the impending purchase of the house, we were mindful of our finances and satisfied ourselves with exploring our two closest cities - Richmond and Charlottesville, Va. - instead of more exotic international destinations. 2017 will likely also be a more subdued travel year due to Baby #2's mid-year arrival, but with so many things to see in our state (let alone our whole country), I'm sure we'll have more than a few new things to enjoy!

With so many things on our plate regarding home ownership and new baby, I daren't even make a 2017 travel wishlist because it's likely I won't accomplish a single thing! However, I am resolving to be more present in the present - spending less time mindlessly scrolling online and being more efficient with what time I do spend in cyberspace. Plus, let's face it - having one kid is time-consuming enough, but two?! My poor blog is going to be so neglected! However, I still maintain a presence on Instagram with photos from past trips and recent excursions. But unless or until I win that coveted lottery and can achieve stay-at-home-trophy-wife-and-mama status, I can't promise that my blogging frequency will improve. :) But I shall try!

What's going on in your lives?!

Regensburg with the little and my sister in law


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