November 11, 2014

Hotel Andreotti, Cheerful & Charming

This past July we crossed a big item off the bucket list:  Rome.  We spent four days in the Eternal City, cramming as much into our itinerary as humanly possible.  Footsore and weary-worn, every night we hobbled our way back to our little oasis to collapse into deep, restful sleep under luxurious red and gold blankets before starting a new day.

Hotel Andreotti was that oasis.

I found Hotel Andreotti much like I do every other hotel, a combination of Trip Advisor reviews and Google Map searches.  We wanted something close to Termini station so we didn't have to wrestle our luggage farther than necessary, but not so close as to be noisy, overly touristy, or too far away from a convenient walk or Metro ride to the sites on our list.  Plus it needed to satisfy my three basic requirements in a hotel: clean rooms, accommodating staff, and a safe location.  We finally settled upon Andreotti, located 550 meters northwest of Termini or a seven minute walk.

We arrived later than planned, thanks to Italy's marvelous public transportation system (please note the sarcasm), but were able to locate the hotel easily.  Our first impression of the neighborhood was satisfactory:  plenty of restaurants, little shops, apartment buildings, and the Italian Department of Finance just around the corner.  The streets were quiet and fairly well-lit.  We never felt unsafe.

Having already paid for the hotel before we ever left home, checking in was a breeze, and Matteo was very friendly.  He explained the hotel's WiFi and pointed to the weather forecast print-out posted to the front desk every day.  We left our passports with him to be registered with the police as foreign tourists (standard procedure in Italy) and took our bags to the room.  Before we even got there, I was already gushing over the hotel's decor, especially with the retro elevator in the lobby!

And as for the room?  Well, it was perfect.

A queen-sized bed, thick blinds and curtains, a flat screen tv, a mini-fridge, a closet, and a good sized bathroom with bidet, shower stall, and a large counter.  Everything we could've possibly wanted or needed!

Beyond the room, the staff themselves were also perfect - very cheerful, accommodating, and speaking near-perfect English.  Their dinner recommendations were especially helpful that first night, when we were too tired to wander far but ravenous for some delicious Italian food.

We were also impressed with the price to stay at Andreotti, paying only 360,75 euros (or roughly $468) for five nights.  This averaged to roughly 72.15 euros ($93) a night in the height of the July tourist season.  Not bad!

Hotel Andreotti left us no room for complaints, and we would highly recommend them if you plan to stay in the Termini area.

Have you been to Rome?  Where did you stay?

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  1. This hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in Florence in.. it also had a retro elevator!

    1. Neat! Might hit you up for the hotel name whenever we finally make it to Florence.


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