November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day

Today the United States commemorates and honors our military veterans with ceremonies, expressions of gratitude, and a plethora of discounts and free meals courtesy of retail stores and restaurants.  While I personally remember our veterans every day of the year (after all, I married one!), I'm glad we have a day specifically set aside to purposefully thank and honor them.  It's not about agreeing or disagreeing with the conflicts they're sent to or the wars they've fought; it's about their personal sacrifice.

My great-grandfather (right) with his beloved jeep
in Germany.
Both my family and my husband's have strong ties to the military.  My husband served in the Marines with two overseas tours.  His brother and sister are still in the military (Air Force Reserves and Army National Guard), sacrificing their time on a regular basis in service to us and our country.  Their paternal grandfather served in World War II in the Pacific theater and was on board the U.S.S. Houston when it sank.  Subsequently, he was a Japanese prisoner of war for several years.  His sacrifice and service will never be forgotten.

My family also has our share of veterans.  My grandfather served in the Air Force during the Korean War.  He and his five brothers served from World War II through Vietnam, including a brother who died in combat (all six pictured above).  My maternal grandfather was a jeep driver in WWII and carried shrapnel in his body until the day he died.  My paternal cousin still serves in the Navy Reserves and has seen his fair share of deployments overseas, while his wife and young daughter missed him for holidays and birthdays.  In a way, Veterans Day is about the military family as a whole, not just the loved ones in uniform.

No matter how "small" or "short" the service record, each one of these veterans in my family has done what many are unwilling to do: sacrifice their time, their family, their friends, their bodies, and sometimes their very lives in service to our country.  Today we remember their sacrifice, we recognize their valor, and we respect their service.  Thank you.  Semper Fi.

Anbar Province, Iraq
Are you a veteran or do you have veterans in your family?  Please remember to thank a veteran today!


  1. My dad was an army ranger in Vietnam and my hubby is a recent war vet. We celebrated by getting BBQ yesterday - haha. Nom!

    1. I'm so glad that restaurants offer specials on Veterans Day. We go out almost every year for it!


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