December 03, 2015

Just For Fun ~ "Guess What Day Baby Gypsy Will Arrive" Game

Humor me with this decidedly non-travel related post...

But who wants to play the "Guess What Day Baby Gypsy Will Arrive!" game?

If you guess the birth date correctly, I'll send you a magnet I picked up in Paris! But it's on the understanding that it may take a while for me to post the prize since my arms will be full of a squirming bundle of joy and my spare time will be extremely limited for a while. Something tells me that maternity leave will not contain much couch-lounging or bonbon munching time...

Only hint is that the official due date is December 30th, and we do not have a scheduled inducement date, so the arrival is just as much a mystery to me as you. So what's your best guess?!


  1. I would say either two days before or two days after ...but perhaps that's cheating haha


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