December 01, 2015

Mapping My Month: December 2015

Hello, December BABY month!

That's right, the wait is nearly over. While Baby Gypsy isn't officially due until after Christmas, I'm considering the entire month as fair game for her arrival. We've had enough monkey wrenches thrown into our lives in the past month -- a super-hyper-active itchy outbreak of hives because apparently I'm "allergic" to being pregnant; a very full schedule at work and at home; oh, and a dog that decided she had nothing better to do than get sprayed by a skunk and then track that smell into the house!!! -- that I'm just ready for baby girl to get here so that I can have a small toddy to counteract the stress when needed. My travel bags have been gathering dust since September's trip to London and Germany, but my hospital bag is ready to go. Let's get this new chapter started!

Much like November's monthly update, I have absolutely zero to report in terms of the travel / adventure department for the past month. Womp, womp, c'est la vie. For that matter, there isn't much in the way of travel plans for the upcoming month either. Next weekend we will be in the vicinity of Manassas Battlefield while throwing / attending my company's Christmas party (which is a James Bond "Casino Royale" themed affair - James Bond always makes me think of travel!), but we haven't yet committed ourselves to visiting the battlefield yet. If we do, it'll be my first "travel" excursion in far too long! Our lives have revolved around baby these past few months: cleaning the house for baby, buying things for baby, getting my work life in order before baby, feeling like I have no life beyond baby! We are excited for her arrival, but I can't wait for a few months into her life when we can finally start balancing our baby and non-baby lives again!

But until that happens, some very wonderful people have volunteered to help keep my blog afloat while I'm on maternity leave juggling baby bottles, nappies, and squeezing in power naps whenever (and wherever!) I can get them. I also have a few posts of my own scheduled, but I am so pleased and excited that these wonderful ladies will be adding their experiences and voices to the stories you've seen here on the Thrifty Gypsy!

2015-2016 Scheduled Guest Writers:
Sara Ann
Karrin Louise 
Camila from Adventitious Violet
Christy from What Up, Swags?!
Jenna from

Interested in providing or writing a guest post? Please drop me a line at!


  1. I'm excited to find out what day will become her birthday, hehe! and you can add me to the list of guest writers, i'll be happy to help you!

  2. That reminds me that I need to email you back haha!


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