December 21, 2015

Paris Photo Fails

Travel isn't always sunshine, roses, perfectly coiffed hair, and spectacular photos like Instagram would lead you to believe. No, more often than not, travel involves fuzzy photos, other tourists who wander obliviously into your view and then stubbornly refuse to leave, and those photos that make you go "why in the world did we take that picture?!" 

So without further ado, on the heels of my Prague Photo Fail post, I am pleased to present the best of the worst photo fails from our visit to Paris

Yeah, thanks, y'all - I thought you were my friends!

This dude saw us posing AND STOOD IN THE WAY ANYWAY!!!

Apparently, I had no idea this picture was being taken.

Tomatoes, tomahtoes? Nah, just some fruit to keep this pregnant lady happy in Paris. Not really a photo "fail" except I don't know why my husband thought this picture was necessary! :)

Classic mid-stride awkardness.

Close, but no cigar!

Classic mid-sentence awkwardness.

Oooo, this one features two fails - fuzziness AND hair in the face!

Do you have any photo fails you'd like to share?


  1. I like how your hair looks in these pictures.. especially in the one with the fruit/veggie stand.

  2. Photos can be tough in the most beautiful spots and can be so variable depending on conditions. We take a lot of photos and usually only a handful will end up post-worthy.
    People photos and selfies are even tougher and we usually get around that by keeping ourselves out of photos. Don't you hate people that look beautiful in every photo? Well, that's usually cause they're self-obsessed and take 10 million selfies...
    Frank (bbqboy)


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